439 Chevy Impala Fire Chief Decal/Label Set


439 Chevy Impala Fire Chief Waterslide Decal and Label Set - 'Fire Chief' door lables printed in red and black on white and 'Fire Chief' hood decal screen printed in white on clear backing - This set consists of both waterslide decals and self-adhesive labels, please see below for application.
This is a screen printed decal, like the original, no trimming is required once decal is loose on backing. See below for application.
Application: - Soak in clear water 30-60 seconds or until loose on backing, but not so long that it floats off of the backing on its own. To make positioning easier pre-wet the surface your decal is going on, remove decal from water, still on backing, slide one edge off of backing and onto model, gently hold decal in place on model and carefully pull backing away laying the decal down as you go. Position decal carefully, then using a soft cloth, paper towel or tissue, start at middle of decal and work out one direction smoothing air bubbles and water as you go and sopping up excess water, then do other side. Now the hard part, leave it alone! Let the decal dry before handling, 24 hours is best.
ToyResto.com Application Tip: - Wash your hands before installation! These self-adhesive labels are very unforgiving, you do not want to bend them or place them in the wrong spot, it is almost impossible to move them without damaging or having a corner lifting up. To remove from backing DO NOT bend corner of label away from backing to lift, instead support the label from behind and bend backing away from the label, this will help prevent the label corner from 'memorizing' the bend. Always do your best to try to keep from touching the adhesive, the dirt and/or oil on your fingers will cause the adhesive to fail, handle on the edges only or keep part of the backing on until final installation. When installing, after carefully removing from backing, I place one edge of the label on the model at about a 45 degree angle, to line it up without making a 'commitment'. Once straight I'll either use a fingernail or one end of plastic tweezers to hold the label at that first edge straight and gently lay it down in place, then very carefully smooth it out while pressing down for final adhesion. Dry skin on your fingertip can be enough to scratch a decal or label, so use something soft for final application.
Uni-Part Dimensions:
Door 'Fire Chief' Label Overall: 3/4" (19mm) wide x 1/2" (12mm) high
Door 'Fire Chief' Label printed Circle only: 1/2" (12mm)
'Fire Chief' Hood Decal: 3/4" (19mm) wide x 7/16" (10mm) high

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